Monday, October 24, 2011

Unattainable ★★★

I will recall the taut coil
of your body under mine,
the hills and valleys
of your sharp hips
shallow stomach
and collarbones
stretched out like a landscape
underneath my splayed hands.
I will remember the taste of your lips
and the heat of your breath
and the feel of your hand
as you pulled me closer
in your increasing fervor.
I can close my eyes and see
the shape of you before me
buried in shadows
your face merging into
the length of ink black hair
body arched backward and wearing only
the dark like a cloak
draped about your shoulders.
I felt in the heart of my bones
the cast of your stare
there bathed in darkness
and before curled beside me
your knees to your shoulders
staring askance
with deliberate blue eyes
eating into me
and stealing my breath.

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