Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Swallow ★★★★

We live in an empire without sun.
My life is bathed in sodium lights.
Moments are stolen from the inky blackness
as if I were harvesting the dark.
I yearn for the smile that splits open your face
and pours the lights from your lips.
I used to take flight
Upon the space within that slight crease.
As if the world existed
between the tip of your tongue
and the white of your teeth.
Perhaps you swallowed me up
when you drank the world down.
Perhaps if you opened your heavy lids
Your eyes might spill into the sky.
So that your pupils became woven with clouds.
And then I might look up from within this hold
and see the sun.
For now I'll travel the high gloss nights
while winding the key of my memories.
Savoring each tiny flash that falls from you
to remind me of days spent
pouring life into each other
and nights filled with a careless dark
adorned by stars.