Monday, July 29, 2019

Future Glass

** This poem is, in my humble opinion, not very good **

I feel I'm wading through a desert
At the bottom of a glass
While the future rains without reprieve
To bury me in our past

I struggle to find purchase on
A slope that just keeps rising
A mountain range of distance
To set between our two horizons

I hold on tight but all I grasp
Keeps slipping through my fingers
So I seek to pin it down with words
But summon only ghosts and whispers

As I fumble lines my throat recalls
Sand has this certain way
Of stilling tongues and stealing things
I'd never meant to say

Because I'm worried how you'll take it
If I land close to what I mean
As the streaming granules slow
I worry how you'll take it when you leave

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Call to the Void

There must be something in the void
That made me feel loved
Some comfort in the warm velvet blackness
Something that filled my aching chest like a cup
Did I catch my breath on the jagged edge of stars?
Or lose it from my lungs 
Pulled into the hot stirrings 
Of echo drenched canyons?
Or was it the way the waves 
Seem to whisper like a beckons
That wet thing calling in it's dry voice
All sibilance and crackling husks
Something within it's depth 
Always urging me onwards 
While it's infinite collapsing hands 
Keep pushing me back
Returning me to shore
I must have seen something
Felt something churning inside me
When I stared out into the abyss
Because I speak to it
Sing down my sorrows, my wants, my dreams
Like I could call down the heavens
Fallen stars to pool in wishes at my feet
I pin the things I barely admit to myself
Upward into the infinite tapestries
As if they held them sacred
I speak the words
In the same way I'd say them to him
I spill myself outwards
The words gushing like rivers over my tongue
Like rapids over my teeth
My insides swollen over the dam of my throat
And surging up and out and endless
A siphon I can no longer halt
Until I am wide eyed and hot and racing
Until I am bathed in silk and softness
Until everything is wildflowers and honey
And without pain
So I must have felt some sweetness
From the thoughtless depths of dark
Found some reassuring notion
Woven from my reflection on the moon
Misunderstood the weight of everything
To be a kind of heavy comfort
For how else could it have made me
Drain myself empty
Bare myself open
Into the vacant uncaring void
The way I do 
To him