Saturday, January 2, 2016

Anechoic Chamber ★★★

There is a room
With walls so white
That it is hard to see
Where they meet the floor
Instead diffusing
Into indistinguishable infinite

I meet the floor
My legs like pillars
Affixed to a point in space
And if I let my focus drift
Let the light fuzz
On the back of my lenses
I could imagine myself floating in void

The walls are made of math and foam
And hard molded plastic
They drink up noise
In the same way
That they refuse the light


This is a place that takes away heartbeats
And breathing
Denies the closed loop
That is evidence of our existence
And reduces it to the tiniest

I feel my chords flex
Note the resonance of bones
But there is nothing ascending
To alight on eager nerves
They are instead left
Afire with a need
To know relations
To claim a position in fixed space
Wanting reassurance

The walls abscond with all
Leaving not even
The slightest sussuration
To bend and distort
To carry itself from this place
To change
Instead words melt
Like spun sugar on my lips
Unable to enact metamorphosis
A nihilistic mummery
Nothing returns
And returns to nothing
This labyrinth of sound
Swallows all

My thoughts leave me
Like seeds lost to the ocean
Never finding purchase
Fading into a whiteness
That is unrelenting
Unaltered and unchanged
By my actions

I am in a white room