Monday, October 24, 2011

I Want to Ruin You ★★★★

I want to ruin you
impose myself onto your thoughts
so that every fog filled valley
every sapphire hued daybreak
when the mist blends into the trees
and the trees into the sky
(like artists wish
they could paint in watercolor)
reminds you of me
I want every abandoned railway
cluttered with the forgotten
tin cans
broken bottles
and bicycle wheels
discarded in the high grass
among the metal bars
and rusted iron spikes
to bring my name to you
with the wind
and the rustling arms
of distant forests
where I might have stepped
in some other life
(had things been
different, I guess)
I want my memory to hold you
in a way my hands can't
my will can't
my words can't
so that the teeth
of the glass and the iron
and the vastness of it all
the strangeness
and the siren's beckon
don't consume you whole
(so that you will come back

some day)

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