Monday, October 24, 2011

Dreams ★★

They never exactly died
you see
The monsters under the beds
in the closets
the cracks of walls and dresser drawers
They just changed and grew
like we did
changed their shape and learned
learned with us, cherished us
so desperately
wanting us

And sometimes, they haunt us
darkness and cutting and fear
our dark sandmen
our nightmare kings
to torment and plague
and wear thin to bones and brittle
until we give in

But other ones
craftier, subtler ones
they lure
and beguile
they give us such dreams
and visions
and heart
The kind of beauty that can shatter
memories and taunting sweetness

Then they wait
like vultures in the rafters
where they whisper



The hard part
is in the waking

We can help with that

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