Monday, October 24, 2011

Lyrics - Life is Hard and Beer is Cheap

Hey kid if you're drinkin' down one for me
let's drown out all this misery
cause right now I ain't got shit worth remembering
Fuck it, let's just get drunk

And I know that’s perhaps a bit unjust
cause others have it twice as rough
but my job just don't pay near enough
and booze is cheaper than most things these days

See one of my buddies is doing time
another's disappeared and prob’ly died
and me well I just fall behind
and thank god for beer these days

What is it you want to see?
Me to stay clean and act responsibly?
A decent member of society?
Well maybe I can do these things
once we discuss whats owed to me
and reach some terms we can agree
and until then you can shove it in your ass

cause right now I cant sit in a parking lot
without being shadowed by the cops
and all those pigs can fucking rot
because I didn’t do shit to no one
no not today
not today
not today

And its hard enough to stand upright
without this world we gotta fight
and I know the fuck it just ain’t right
I fuck things up enough on my own without the help

Damn right I do

But no one told me how to live
we're all grown up but still just kids
struggling to make our own in this.
I don't remember growing up
I don't remember signing up
I only recall fucking up

No one said it'd be this hard
why the fuck its got to be so hard
whys it got to be so hard
playing shows in empty bars
whys it got to be so hard
awful jobs and PBR

Why the fuck is it so hard?

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