Monday, October 24, 2011

Clover ★★★

My breath tastes of alcohol
As I pull it in and out
Rolling it over my teeth
A movie plays quietly in the background
As one boy sleeps in my bed
And another is sending texts
What are you doing tomorrow?
It's three AM and he is asking
What are you doing tomorrow?
I let my thoughts slide
As I have done a lot lately
There is a folded slip of paper in my wallet
A napkin covered in pen sketches
Done earlier tonight in a cafe downtown
As the out of town headliners
Filled the night air
With their droning discord
They arose of their own volition
The notes, the drawings, the thoughts
The sketches were nothing worth mention
Project ideas
The girl at the table next to me
And a slender elegant hand
That belongs to someone I know
There is a face along side it
Lain over other marks
That I recalled from memory unaware
And when I look at his photos now
It's a fair likeness
Unwittingly rendered
And I wonder why my thoughts keep drifting back
To some person far away
With slender hands
And a coy smile
And quick tongue
Just some stranger
Just someone I know
That's all

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