Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Well ★★★

You don't like to let on
to your weaknesses
You walk
back straight
with a saunter and a smirk
You bear the world
with a shrug and a grin
and I love you for that

for many things

But its not like I can't see
the look in your eyes
when everything is
like it is
You're evasive and drifting
and you swallow yourself down
in exchange for firm footing
and keeping face

Things are hard
we sheathe ourselves in steel
a trail of bruises
heavy and stifling

You don't like it when I watch
the things you do
to get over this mess
in the kitchen
the bathroom
by yourself


I don't like
that you have to go it alone
and I can't seem to tear my eyes from it
either way

that is

until you sort of give me that look
and I remember
kiss you softly on the nape of your neck
and let it slide
because you prefer it that way

Except when you don't

It takes time, I know
and I'm willing
because I see something beautiful
a light, a counter
a weight and a fire

You're wonderful

and in moments between moments
between all this tangled life
you catch my breath
in the palm of your hand
and hold it steady
and hold me there

You have a talent
for untangling my threads

And you let yourself unravel
into my arms
because you're you and I'm me
your body aches and shifts
you rest your head against my chest
and I can feel your warmth
and the softness of your skin
I run my hands over your marks and scars
until you shiver
until we're still

except for the rising and falling

I like you, like this
so sweet and vulnerable and strong
entwined in me
both a little broken
both a little scared

I know this feeling

and still
I can feel myself coming undone
and I can feel you coming undone
pulling down our walls
and letting in the wind

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