Monday, October 24, 2011

Is There Such a Thing as Rebirth? ★★★

He looked at her, a little sadly
through heavy lashes
and the stillness of the morning

"Let me hold it for you then"
he said

She cocked her head
her full lips pursing
her hair falling about her
drifting in its own mind
to the wind that wrapped around
her pale white arms
and his weighted heart

"Hold what?"
she breathed into him
as he fell back
eyes pulling closed
manufacturing distance
making it easier

"Your innocence"
he said, softly
almost inaudible
with that slight lift
to his lips

And she laughed
like bells and the charms
on the bracelet
that clung to her thin wrist

And she nodded
and she kissed his cheek
and he cringed

And as he went into the dawning
She walked away
and she learned
what her body could get
from the handsome boys

She learned how to dance
so that they looked at her
their eyes following
like the lost dogs from proper homes
stuffed into name brand clothes
and gaudy jewelry
smelling too strongly of cologne

She learned what it tasted like
to hang from their lips
and suck the wine and the needles
from their hands

And as the autumns came and went
with moon rises
and moon falls
living by night and by night and
by crying to sleep into silk pillows
entwined in the evening
alone in the afternoon

And so it went

And so it was

that he came back
and she fell into him
His eyes were older
world weary
and he held her
and he whispered
all he knew how to say
into the softness of her hair

And he said
"You can have it now
I held onto it for you
you can start over with me
its still fresh
and shiny
and all undone"

And she sobbed
and her hair shook with her head
and he squeezed her hand
so tightly it hurt

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