Saturday, January 7, 2017

Miss Connected ★★★★

When our bodies were divided 
It was discovered
that we were full of emptiness 
That there were great gaps inside us
Each of us a vacant night sky
Pinned with particle stars

The only reason I feel 
Your skin under my fingertips
Is because every atom of my being
Yearns to push you away

Some suggest that
Under certain impossible circumstances
We might become unphased
And slip into each other 
Our bodies converging
Into some inextricable complication

Perhaps in some other parallel place
Some ghost of a dream
The strings tied around our fingers
Would have wound a different way
And my hand would have found
The empty spaces in yours

Maybe this is how things happened 
To someone much like me
And a person I could mistake for you 
But as things are
We just brush against each other
Feel the flaring insistent sparks of a current 
That composes the very things that we are
And walk away

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