Saturday, January 7, 2017

Broach ★★★★

The world feels like a day dream
The lights and colors are cutout cardboard
On matte black backing
The city swallows the stars
And my mind diffuses my memory of them 
The images I conjure falter
In disconnected static
Just like how I can't remember
The look on your face
I only recall how it made me feel
The pressure in my throat
Inside me your eyes are a blank void
A curtain to hang the stars
Your hands are fragmented pieces
Like exploding shrapnel
Nothing holds me
Nothing keeps its shape
Nothing is certain 
Other than the feeling of my breath over my lips
The rise and fall of my chest
I can hear the shuddering sound of it 
And I want to fill it with your name
But I know it would just slip away
A dying dislocated notion
Dissipating like fog or a dream upon waking
And I need some small thing to still feel real
I need some way to keep you here

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