Saturday, September 24, 2016

Turned ★★★

There is something thick like oil
coating the inside of my skin
It dips into and drinks of my mind
When I stare at you I feel it writhe
Like a caustic animal
A breathless parasite
Quivering and reciting the words you said last night
Or the words you said three months ago
Or whatever will make me ache
It weighs my arms down when I would reach to you
Numbs my mouth when I would speak to you
Makes me placid and hollow
It drips into my thoughts like a sinus infection
A building bitterness like opiates and dark chocolate
My land of milk and honey has laid in the sun
For these unwinding summer years
And while the honey might be sweet
The milk has gone rancid
I feel it thickening inside me
I want to walk to the river and rinse myself clean
Let the water wash away our egos
Become clean and simple and uncomplicated
I want you to give yourself to me
your crown laid into the crook of my neck
All warm lips and soft skin
To push into my small places
Naked and pure and easy
But your distance is one I can't travel
An insurmountable gap
And I feel so heavy under all our yesterdays

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