Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Poem About You ★★★★

I think about you a lot,
when the hours grow long and I find myself alone
in the bleeding hours of morning,
driving myself home
So I speak into this box
and press my words like flowers into the aether,
the first step on a strange path
that ends with this thing that you are
an echo diffused by fog
that returns my words in muffled murmurs
and makes them sound foreign to my ears
You are the pit I want to climb to the edge of
and throw my words into
You are a great wall of black glass obsidian,
an endless expanse of surface,
covered in crags and narrows
that catch the light that shines in my eyes
and throws it back in a flurry of pinprick points
that dance across its rough forms
like the night sky tearing asunder
Sometimes you are just the sky torn asunder
You are the sound,
the chasm
the empty vessel
I pour myself like liquid into you
I can't stop thinking about you
Inescapable and immutable
Empty and nothing and all encompassing
A blank board to pin my greatest hopes and expectations
A feeding machine of needles and tubes that drain me
You the blank white page I am spilling my blood like thoughts on
You stand as a mirror
reflecting the image of a father
who I'll never see again
You wear the face of a man from a dream
who slid his fingers across my face and told me
everything is going to be alright
A mirror of me
And also everything else
But trust me,
holding this conversation inside my head,
I'm talking to you and nobody else
And how does that make you feel?
Does it get under your skin like it gets under mine?
Does it scratch into the surface
as if I were writing calligraphy upside down into your insides?
Could I sew you up with ink in words?
Could we manifest some greater connection between us,
crafted by the exchange of concepts and ideas,
a suture to pierce through
some greater barrier of misunderstanding?
If not now then perhaps another time
Another night
There can always be other attempts
To pull worth from tangled tongues
and mangled weavings
For you to listen to
I just really need you to hear me

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