Saturday, July 14, 2012

Embody ★★

There is an itching in my fingers
somewhere between the palms and the tips
that makes them yearn to curl and grasp
lock onto some material tautness
but I know it would only make the stiffness spread
so instead I spread them wide
to let the night seep through them

I twist a dial and it starts to blend
with the dancing melodies
or drifting somber notes
riding them out as if physical
as if it were the thing that breathed the wind in my hair

The dark becomes endless like the ocean
and brilliant and hot like desert casinos
some vagueness swimming alongside me
like a friend
but only one you would trust
just so far

Soon I feel as if melted into this thing I have created
and the unknown alleys slide by
hidden places I have never tread
and there is darkness in my teeth
and pools sliding between my lips

I can ride this out or turn away
for my mother taught me strength and force of will
and my father taught me strength and how to use that will
how to consume pain and fear
and also
to always be prepared
and how to look like you know what you are doing
and when to run
because these woods are full of monsters
and I am alone

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