Saturday, January 7, 2017

Let's Run Away Together ★★★★

Let's run away together
I've grown tired of waking up in these sheets
That smell like the past
Of obligation and complication
Lets slip away under a shroud of night
With only the light from your eyes to guide the way
We'll walk barefoot on dew coated grass
Through hidden mountain passages that take us
To a home that only exists
Bound between thin cardboard leafs
Lets get married
We'll find some small town chapel
Full of well-meaning old hideaways
Who we will beguile with decadent lies
Like fine chocolates and silk from our smiles
We'll set up camp like stalwart explorers
Eat fast food and jars of peaches
We can make blanket forts of the pews
We'll drape honeysuckle from the pulpit
And bells from the windows
We'll open the doors to the moths and fireflies
And anyone else who will come
If they ask what it is
What we're all on about now
We'll tell them it's their high school reunion
A bowling league
The Armistice Day Singers
And we'll smile and say "come in"
You'll wear a key from your neck
And a band of Russian amber
And I'll wear a dress
Lined with baby's breath and butterfly wings
Instead of sharing champagne
We'll put on matching crowns
And raise our hands to the sun triumphant
Conquerors of everything we could be
And owners of everything we couldn't
And as the cold night air settles in
We'll play music on my ipod
With not a single song about love
We'll find a best man and make him toast to the absurd
And the pointlessness of life and loving anything
And everyone will be confused
And nothing will make sense
To anyone at all

Except for you
to me

And me
to you

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