Monday, March 25, 2019

Old Fashioned Love Poem

Would I know you better still
If I climbed the peaks and wintry hills
If I sunned in fields of daffodils 
And from each stream there I drank my fill

If I took the paths that you'd once sought
Found on what your heartstrings caught
Would that knowledge tell of what
Complex makings you'd been wrought

And moreso would that be enough
To still a storm and seas turned rough
To stay by your side without rebuff

And maybe once more earn your love

Sunday, March 24, 2019


I'm sorry that life has been unkind to you
She says
While slipping back into her clothes
And I'm sure she means it
And I know that she's right
But I'm not thinking about that
Something stirs inside like moth wings
And I'm reminded of a song
But my head is like an empty lot
With spaces where my thoughts once parked
And nothing is forthcoming
She's since moved onward
Tapping at her phone
Her face aglow 
Her hair like a hanging halo
She says
Maybe it's this
Leaning toward me tilting forward
She points it at me
Bathes me in it
But no
This isnt right
It doesn't match my memory
Of how the lyrics feel